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Smart shades

smart shades motorized blinds PowerView® Automated Blinds

The ideal ambiance. The ultimate convenience. Hunter Douglas’ Smart Shade System brings intuitive technology to your life, with simplicity, for an amazing atmosphere.

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Remote Control Blinds

Adjust your automatic blinds, shades or shutters with a tap on the Pebble remote, wall-mounted or coffee table decor.

Control from Anywhere

Use the PowerView app on your device to set scenes, save favorites or schedule adjustments of your automated shades.

Smart Home

Easily integrate your smart shades with other smart home features, like “If This Than That” technology and voice control.

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    Pirouette® Window Shadings

From Automated Blinds to Smart Shades…

Instantly adjust smart shades with a tap–or use voice control with your smart home system. When combined with other features, like top down bottom up or dual shades, you’ll create the ultimate atmosphere in your home, without having to lift a finger! Discover which room needs smart shades the most with a recent article.

With the latest innovation, your automated shades can be powered with a rechargeable battery wand. Read more about it.

Take a look at the list of compatible products:

schedule your smart shades in your houston TX home

Customize Your Schedule

It’s light control that fits your lifestyle. Sleep longer on the weekends. Let sunlight in mid-morning for productivity, and watch as your automatic blinds close on their own to block out the hot afternoon sun. It’s effortless control.

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Save Energy & Enjoy Comfort

Keep out the intense Houston temperatures, as you enjoy a layer of insulation at the windows. But, with instant adjustments, your shades can open just as easily as you closed them, saving energy when you need it most.

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 Get the Privacy You Deserve

Privacy and comfort are top priorities. Whether on a schedule, or adjusted with a quick tap, your smart shades close for ideal privacy. Adjust them from anywhere, enhancing the security of your home even when you’re away.

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Experience Favorite Scenes

Football game on a Sunday afternoon? Close the shades to stop the glare on the TV, without getting up. Want to enjoy early morning sunshine? Bring the top down with a tap. Save favorite scenes, accessing them with a touch.

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Let’s Move

Expert Designers + Your Style. Working together, we’ll design smart solutions & gorgeous style in your home with automated blinds & shades.