Large windows

Large Windows

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    Designer Banded Shades

Floor to Ceiling Blinds & Shades

Large windows are stunning. They make for an amazing backdrop. But, the frustrations that accompany them are not amazing. Flooding light, relentless glare, faded walls and furnishings, uncontrolled temps…the list goes on. It’s time for solutions…

  • Enjoy the view without glare
  • Illuminate your home with soft light
  • Protect your interiors
  • Maintain temperatures easier
  • Gain privacy

Let us help you discover floor to ceiling blinds & shades that will not only solve the issues, but make your Houston area home look incredible. You’ll find yourself enjoying your home with the RIGHT window coverings. Visit our Instagram page for inspiration from our recent projects!

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Discovering Window Treatments for Large Windows

Yes, they are gorgeous–the large windows of your home. But, let’s be honest. Large windows open your home to flooding light, exhausting heat, relentless glare and very little privacy. Let’s discover the right window treatments for large windows in your Houston area home.

What Sizes Can They Cover?

We often identify “regular” windows as any opening that’s under 36″ wide or 60″ high. Starting with those sizes and getting larger, you’ll need to pay attention to the features, fabrics and collections that are possible. We do offer many options in floor to ceiling blinds, shades, shutters and drapery. In a recent article, we identified some generalized sizing for our window shades so you can get an idea of just how many collections are out there.

The Best Features

The window coverings you choose are going to add incredible function to your home. But, it’s also the features you choose that will really enhance the experience. For your large windows, you might be relieved to block out the majority of light and heat, but not all of it. This is where top down bottom up comes into play. You’ll invite bright light to enter across the ceiling and act as refreshing overhead lighting.

Smart shades is another popular feature–especially with large windows. Think about making adjustments to those overly large–and sometimes out of reach–windows. With smart integration, it’s a simple tap, voice command or scheduled adjustment that brings the effortless operation.

And, finally, living here in Texas, it’s the big windows and sliding doors that can be the culprit of baking interior temps. With the right window treatments for large windows, you can experience comfort year-round, but definitely during the intense summer days.

How Should They Combine?

The most popular home layout? The open floor plan. This can throw people when starting to search for window coverings. How do you bring the best features, fabrics and function to the space when so much glass is sharing the same open area of your home? It’s all about coordination. Contemporary design points us in the direction of bringing elements together that look great together, but they don’t have to be matchy-matchy. We’ll design a space that offers you the best options for covering glass that meets your needs, styles your home beautifully and allows you to enjoy your windows to the fullest.