Large windows

Large Windows

  • Vertical sheer shades on patio window next to custom bar space
    Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Floor to Ceiling Blinds & Shades

Large windows are stunning. They make for an amazing backdrop. But, the frustrations that accompany them are not amazing. Flooding light, relentless glare, faded walls and furnishings, uncontrolled temps…the list goes on. It’s time for solutions…

  • Enjoy the view without glare
  • Illuminate your home with soft light
  • Protect your interiors
  • Maintain temperatures easier
  • Gain privacy

Let us help you discover floor to ceiling blinds & shades that will not only solve the issues, but make your Houston area home look incredible. You’ll find yourself enjoying your home with the RIGHT window coverings. Visit our Instagram page for inspiration from our recent projects!

Covering Large Windows: What’s Important?

If you have large windows, you know how valuable they are to your home. The beautiful views, the natural light, the open, airy feeling they provide. But, covering large windows can be just as important as enjoying them. We’ve got questions for you to think about as you choose window treatments…

How to Cover Tricky Windows

We know what you’re wondering…tricky windows? Do I have them? Chances are, you do. We define tricky windows as having specialty shapes, unique operation or challenges due to layout. They can be tough to cover because of size, shape, fit or function. And, by covering them, you may fear losing out on what makes them special. Let’s take a look at the best ways to meet the challenges, while adding to the character of your home…

Balanced Light: Window Direction Means So Much

Have you ever thought about which direction the windows in your home face? This is an important factor in achieving balanced light in your home. Windows that face East or West–that’s an easy one. The sun often dictates the way you use those spaces. But, other directions–or a combo of them? Let’s explore solutions to create the ideal atmosphere in your home.

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