Skylight Solutions

  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Need to Cover Skylight Windows?

  • Control the Light
  • Maintain the Temperature
  • Protect Interiors from UV Rays
  • Adjust Shades Easily

Those skylight windows in your home invite gorgeous natural light, enhancing your mood and elevating a light & airy atmosphere. But, too much light can simply be too much. Here in the Houston area, you might be facing flooding glare and exhausting heat from those skylight windows–not to mention the damage that can result from harsh UV rays. When you cover skylight windows with the right window coverings, you can enjoy the benefits without the issues. Get the right lighting while preventing the direct rays from wreaking havoc in your home. Make simple adjustments with manual control–or, the fastest growing favorite operating system…automation. When you choose motorized shades to cover your skylight windows, you’ll make adjustments with a simple tap or voice command. Set up a schedule for the smart shades to adjust themselves when you need it most.

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