• opaque patio shades to block light on multi-section patio in the Woodlands in Houston TX

Exterior Patio Shades

  • Beautiful Views
  • Shade from Intense Sunshine
  • UV Protection
  • Rain or Shine
  • Safety Barrier Between Pool & Patio

There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. That’s why so many Houston area families are loving the results of adding exterior patio shades to their homes. You’ll create the perfect space to relax on a sunny day, shaded from the intense Texas sunshine. But, you won’t be blocking the beautiful view. The added UV protection is an ideal way for you and your family to be outside in fresh air without harsh UV rays. No longer will you have to worry about a Texas rainstorm cropping up to ruin your afternoon. Protected with exterior shades, you can still take in the outside air while the rainstorm comes and goes. And, in the evenings, you can enjoy the comfort of these exterior shades keeping the bugs away. Find inspiration on our Instagram page. See one family’s dream home come to life with exterior shades.

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