• pirouette soft fabric shades in slate blue gray in modern dining space with outdoor view

Pirouette® Window Shadings

crafted in broomfield co

Pirouette shades are an exclusive window covering design from Hunter Douglas.

  • Vanes fold in place
  • Sheer fabric backdrop is revealed
  • Room darkening + light filtering is possible
  • Great for large windows

Pirouette shades combine the folding fabric vanes of roman shades, with the sheer backing of silhouette shades. The result is dynamic style with incredible function. Capable of room darkening and light filtering, Pirouette shades provide a range of light control. Add a gorgeous backdrop for your Houston area home–now available with ClearView sheer backing for the best view of your landscape. Great window shades for floor to ceiling windows. 

Exclusive Vanes

It’s magic you won’t see anywhere else. The fabrics lie close to the window when closed, resembling roman shades. But, when adjusted “open,” they fold right in place. The folded fabric vanes of Pirouette shades reveal a sheer backing that displays a gorgeous backdrop of your landscape.

Sheer Fabric Backdrop

The sheer fabric backing showcases the beautiful views, available in two versions: Traditional and Clearview. The traditional sheers offer a hazy view of the landscape. Clearview is a new innovation of black sheer fabrics that enhance the view for a sharpened view of the outdoors. Both options invite soft, diffused light into your home.

Versatile Positions

While Pirouette shades can display a gorgeous view of the landscape, they can also close in place to block light and views into your home. And, finally? These shades roll into the headrail, stopping at any point along the way for partial coverage, as they disappear into the headrail and out of view so you can enjoy your windows without coverage, if that’s what you need.

Before After
Pirouette® Window Shadings