• fabric vertical blinds door window coverings on french patio door in rustic cityscape

Cadence® Soft Fabric Vertical Blinds

crafted in cumberland md

  • Curved Vanes Add Softness
  • Fabrics Provide Sound Absorption
  • Ideal for Sliding Doors & Large Windows

The curved fabrics of Cadence Soft Fabric Vertical Blinds offer a beautiful resemblance to full drapery panels. But, with that elegant style comes the simplistic function of vertical blinds. These vertical shades offer incredible benefits. From sound absorption, to light filtering or room darkening fabrics, you’ll customize the ambiance and lifestyle of your home. With a specialty headrail, experience reduced light gaps and smooth, silent operation. They are a dynamic choice to cover doors and large windows.

The Details of Fabric Vertical Blinds

A great choice for Houston homeowners, covering sliding doors with fabric vertical blinds ensures a beautiful look inside your home with the ease of getting outside to enjoy the weather. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing these curved, drapery-like window blinds.

  • More Than 40 Selections in Color/Material
  • Stacking Position to Fit Your Home: Right, Left, Center or Split
  • Fabric or Vinyl Materials
  • Sound Absorption Benefits
  • Room Darkening Fabric Options
  • Curved Slats Minimize Light Gaps
  • Slats Sized at 3.65″
  • Coverage for Doors and Large Windows Up to 15 Feet
  • Silent Adjustments
  • Child Safe Operation

Houston homeowners love having access to their outdoor spaces, but the sunshine is intense! So, having the right window blinds for sliding doors is important.