Room Darkening Solutions

  • large floor to ceiling shades with cellular fabric window treatments
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Room Darkening Blinds & Shades

It’s the darkness you’ve been hoping for. The right window coverings mean the light is controlled–exactly the way you need it. Uninterrupted sleep–delivered. Mid-day naps–no problem. No matter what it’s like outside, the sun can be blocked. Our room darkening shades offer…

  • The smallest light gaps in the industry
  • LightLock™ to seal off the light
  • Fabric opacities meant to block the sun
  • Dual shades for versatile function
  • Motorized shades that adjust based on your GPS location

We’ll help you discover the best blackout blinds and room darkening shades for your Houston area home!

duette honeycomb shades showing various levels of opacity and light control

Room Darkening VS Blackout

It’s a great debate, but which one do you need? Room darkening is often known for making the room dark with capability to see around a bit. Blackout describes the experience of not being able to see much in front of you. There are factors that can affect the results, like fabric opacities, type of window shades, and the design of your window.

room darkening dual shades offering light control creative blinds

Dual Shades

Dual shades introduces darkness into a light-filtering space! Relax in soft, natural light and exterior views with one shade down. Then, when you need darkness, lower the secondary blackout roller shade into place behind the front shade. It’s the best of both worlds–all on one headrail!
room darkening duette honeycomb shade detail creative blinds

Light Gaps

Light gaps refer to the slivers of light you might see along the edges of room darkening shades. This can decrease your light-blocking experience. It can be due to the type of shades chosen, or how they had to be installed based on your window frames. But, there are solutions! LightLock is a U-shaped channel that seals out the light, available with honeycomb shades. Another idea is to layer draperies along the sides, adding beauty & function at the same time!
Before After
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with LightLock™