Tilt Turn Solutions

  • bedroom tilt turn windows with track glide neutrals
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

How to Cover Tilt Turn Windows

  • TrackGlide moves with the window/door
  • No drilling
  • Perfect for shallow frames

If you have tilt turn windows, you know that these European style windows are an amazing advancement in the versatility of how you use your windows. But, bare windows can lead to a number of frustrating issues for homes in the Houston area. Meet TrackGlide, the latest operating system for window shades needed in the most challenging spots. Because the tracks of the shades adhere to the edges of the window frame, your tilt turn windows can still operate like intended, all while your window shades are open, closed or adjusted.

Moves with the Window

Up until now, you may not have known the best way to cover windows that move in more than one direction. By installing the TrackGlide system, the shades move the way the window or door moves. You get the coverage you need no matter the position of the window.

Favorite Features

Duette Honeycomb shades are available with so many favorite features, like amazing energy efficiency, privacy, room darkening & top down. Now, you can add TrackGlide to the list. This system covers even the trickiest windows and doors. You don’t have to settle for poor coverage with this incredible feature.

The Narrow Track

From shallow window depth, to tricky layout, the narrow track will work on your windows and doors. The secret is in the narrow track that adheres along the edge of the glass–not on the glass. No drilling into the frame, it installs with simplicity and offers amazing coverage no matter where you need it.

Customize Your Duette Shades:

  • 160+ Fabric Choices
  • Room Darkening Fabrics Available
  • Light Control with Full Coverage
  • Maintain Your Privacy
  • Top Down Bottom Up Shades
  • Cellular Shades Offer Energy Savings
  • Child Safe Cordless Design