• white leather chair next to window with view of park designer shade in gray fabric

Solar Shades

crafted in salt lake city ut

Your dynamic view + natural light. Solar shades offer a stunning atmosphere of filtered light, reducing the glare, while adding protection from harsh UV rays…

  • Great for Large Windows
  • Protect Flooring & Home Decor
  • Room Darkening with Dual Shades
  • Soft Light + Reduced Glare
  • 5 Fabric Opacities

Designed to cover windows of many sizes, but an ideal choice for your largest windows, these roller shades let in ample light & views while taking away the damaging UV rays and intense direct sunshine we experience here in the Houston area. Available in five different opacities, you can create just the right amount of light control & privacy in your home, but when you want your windows fully uncovered, the window shades roll up into the headrail and disappear.