• breakfast nook with black shutters floor to ceiling showing outdoors

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

crafted in phoenix az

  • Specialty Finishes in Paints & Stains
  • Custom Built for Your Window
  • Door Handle Cutouts for French Doors

Crafted from real wood, our Heritance Hardwood shutters collection is customized for the beauty & function of your Houston area home. The classic styling of plantation shutters is timeless, but our wood shutters take that a step further. Artisanal finishes create a unique, custom look, available in a wide range of colors, stains and techniques to coordinate with your home’s character. Arched windows, angled windows and french doors are just a few examples of the specialty windows that can feature custom interior wood shutters.

Custom Handles

Door handle cut-outs are a beautiful customization when it comes to covering patio doors with wood shutters. Offered in both curved and rectangular shapes, your window covering specialist will guide you to the best look and function for your home.

Shaped Windows

Custom shaped windows offer beautiful details for your home’s design. Incoming light and lack of privacy can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Add benefits to your home, like light control and energy efficiency with interior shutters, built to match the shape of your specialty windows.


Hardwood shutters invite timeless design. You can coordinate the overall look, by matching the finish to your home’s interior elements like trim, framing & other details. Choose from a popular selection of paints or stains, finished with artisanal techniques, such as burnishing or glazing.