• close up of a textured woven shade made from bamboo grasses

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

crafted in cumberland md

Woven wood shades bring natural beauty to your home. Designed with elements of nature, such as bamboo, reeds and grasses, you’ll experience soft, filtered light and gorgeous styling.

  • Natural fibers woven for style
  • Varying color schemes
  • Fibers invite filtered light
  • Optional liner for added control
  • Dual honeycomb shades for energy savings

Favorite features, such as automated shades and top down shades, are available with the Provenance woven woods collection. The weaves can vary, depending on the materials used. In addition to that, the color schemes chosen can create a whole new look. You’ll customize the look and feel of your Houston area home with your own unique choices.

NEW Feature! Dual shades is now available for woven woods. Experience enhanced light control & energy efficiency with a secondary cellular shade. Find out more!

woven organic shade with backing for extra light control in Woodlands, TX

Optional Liner

The beauty of light filtering into your home is priceless. Unless, of course, you need additional coverage. Because each room is used differently, there are areas that need increased light control. For those areas, there are optional liners available. Create the right atmosphere with the styled look you love.

close up detail of woven fabric for custom window treatments

Variety of Materials

Organic textures, earthy colors…these elements make woven woods a favorite for design. Crafted from wood, bamboo, reeds and grasses, each material collection has its very own look and style. The depth and dimension these shades add to your windows will surround you with beauty.

sideview of woven shade with a honeycomb dual shade behind in it Houston, TX

Optional Honeycomb Dual Shade

Energy efficiency is now available with woven wood shades! You can enjoy the style of the front woven shade, while the dual shade portion offers a secondary honeycomb shade. The two shades operate independent of each other, with the back shade falling into place to block heat and light when needed.