Glass Doors

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Window Treatments for Doors

The doors of your home are used continually over the course of the day. The problem? Many people put off covering them–for two reasons. Either you worry that coverings will get in the way, or you just don’t know what’s possible. But, uncovered doors lead to issues: Too much light & heat, faded interiors, frustrating glare & very little privacy. We’ve got inspiration and functional solutions for sliding doors, patio doors and french doors.

  • Vertical sliding options
  • Horizontal coverings
  • Smart control
  • Energy efficient solutions

Not only do window treatments for doors work well, they complement the design of the home with a stunning finish! Let us help you create convenient operation with effective light control for these high traffic areas of your home. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions & plenty of inspiration with this recent blog article.

More Information about Covering Glass Doors

Finding the right information about covering the doors of your home can be an overwhelming process. At Creative Blinds, we want you to feel secure in your decision and in love with the results! Let’s explore some of the top considerations window treatments for doors, from sliding glass doors to patio and french doors.

Which type of window treatments are used to cover doors?

When it comes to covering doors, your options are open. Shades, blinds, shutters and drapery can all be used. The details get more specific when it comes to YOUR own doors, since the layout of your home, the makeup of the door, the operation and the way the light enters are all important factors.

Horizontal VS Vertical

Many times, homeowners think that vertical blinds are the only choice for covering sliders. And, while that’s been an option for decades, it’s no longer your only choice. Today’s vertical blinds have received major style and function upgrades. But, if you want a vertical option, there are vertical shades, like modern panels, honeycomb shades, woven shades and privacy sheers that will coordinate with the horizontal shades in your Houston home. Shutters have two operating systems that allow sideways adjustments, and drapery moves to the side easily for sliding door coverage. Keep in mind, when covering sliders, you can also choose horizontal shades like you have on your windows. Some of the most popular ways to cover sliders are roller shades, sheer shades and roman shades.

How are window coverings installed on doors?

Think of this as the outside mount installation with windows. Windows that are too shallow to accommodate shades inside the trim are mounted on the trim. That’s how it works with door coverings. For sliding glass doors, vertical shades and blinds are hung down from a track that is wall-mounted above the door. Horizontal shades are installed from the trim at the top of the door frame.

With patio and french doors, horizontal shades and blinds are attached above the glass panes. The window shades or blinds cover the entire glass pane of the door. If there’s not enough room, or you don’t want hardware drilled into the door, we have the latest innovation for you. The TrackGlide system features narrow tracks that adhere along the edges of the glass panes, on the frame–not the glass. These tracks allow the honeycomb shades to adjust up and down with ease.

What features are available?

Window treatments for doors are similar to any window coverings in your home. But, your doors may be calling for added benefits, like light control, privacy and energy efficiency. Door coverings can feature automation, cordless operation, top down adjustments, energy efficiency, dual shades and room darkening–to name a few.

Let’s talk door handles.

As one of the most important features of your doors, the handles must work as intended. As you are considering your favorite options, remember what kind of handle you have, whether knob or lever. We have custom shutters with the option to customize handle cut-outs. Shades and blinds can be sized according to the width needed to cover the glass, but not interfere with operation. And, we may recommend low profile options that avoid the disruption of turning the handle.

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