Specialty Shapes

  • angled windows in contemporary kitchen space cellular shades in beige color
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Angled & Arched Window Coverings

  • Important coverage
  • Privacy & light control
  • Enhanced design

Windows with specialty shapes offer you home character and beauty. Oftentimes, you hold off covering them because you don’t want to lose the charm. Don’t worry! The correct angled or arched window coverings will enhance the look of your home. Customized to fit the shape of your specialty windows, we can help you create the look that maintains their beauty, while giving you solutions to window issues.

Discover More about Covering Specialty Shaped Windows

You want to maintain the character of your home, but creating a space that’s comfortable and controlled is very important to your happiness. Enter…custom window treatments! The tailoring of window coverings to create the control you need with design you’ll love? Yes, please!

What to Keep in Mind?

We’ve got some FAQs for you as you consider which window treatments will suit your home best.

Adjustable or Stationary? 

When you begin to discover your favorite options in angled and arched window coverings, you’ll want to decide if you’d like them to move or not. Some of the coverings are the shape of the window, offering coverage, but staying put. Others can adjust to change the atmosphere and control.

Which Issues Are Most Important?

Each and every home has its own set of problems. The direction the windows face, the location of the windows, and the amount you have–these are some of the reasons you might be looking for solutions. Some windows will need more coverage for light, others for privacy. Once you identify which issues you’re struggling with, we can help you find solutions.

Should the Entire Window Be Covered?

For some specialty-shaped windows, you may want to cover the majority of the window, but leave the top arch or angle open. It gives the “top down” feeling, letting in light across the ceiling, while the bottom portion is covered. For some homeowners, the entire window needs to be covered…the amount of light and heat entering is an important factor.