Smart Home: The Good Life

The way we use our homes has changed in the last year. Smart home technology has taken center stage. Virtual birthday parties, grocery app orders, and favorite restaurant deliveries showing up at your door–this is 2020. What about the atmosphere of your home? Do you have the right smart home features to keep up with this ever-changing landscape?


Which Scenes Play Out?

Remote learning, working from home, virtual meet-ups with friends and family–what’s the atmosphere like in your home? Is it too dark during your morning meeting? Do bright afternoons have you scrambling to find a “glare free” zone? And, with so many family members home at the same time, is everyone able to enjoy their own space to the fullest? 

smart shades offer lighting for remote learning in houston TX
Nantucket™ Window Shades with PowerView® Automation

We’ll let you in on a little secret. The ever-changing needs of the atmosphere in your home can be controlled–in an instant. Smart shades are the key to enhancing your “At Home” life. All of a sudden, every room in your home is the perfect spot. The way your home feels and functions–with everyone attempting to go about their daily lives within the same four walls–will be comfortable and pleasant.


Schedules Help Us Feel “Normal”

We are creatures of habit, desperately drawn to routine. Sleep times, wake times, appointments–the daily routines of our lives are especially important to our mental health. These routines keep us moving, on track, on task and looking forward to what’s coming.  

ipad control of smart shades to schedule adjustments in houston TX
iPad control of smart shades with the PowerView® app

It’s those customized schedules that are crucial to our happiness. Automated window treatments fill in–almost like a personal assistant. Raising automatically, in everyone’s bedrooms, they help begin the day. Shifting into position, shades reduce distractions during high-focus times of day. And, bedtime can stay in-tact, with the house closing up in the evening–a gentle reminder that it’s time to say goodnight–you’ve got a busy day at home tomorrow.


Your Scenes Are Custom to You.

What we mean when we say “custom scenes,” is that you are able to set up scenes in your own home that are unlike anything that’s going on in your neighbor’s. The shades in one room can adjust differently than another. Or, even at the window level–one window can do something different than the rest. It’s all about helping you get the most from your home.

schedule automated shades to open and let sun in or close to block it out in houston TX
Pirouette® Window Shades

Maybe you want the morning sun’s heat to warm up your home, creating a cozy space and reducing your home energy bills. Once it reaches the desired temperature? Your energy efficient shades close, trapping that heat and extending the energy savings. As long as your home stays comfortable, your smart shades stay lowered. 

pet sits in sunny spot with custom cellular roller shades in Houston TX
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

What about your furry family members? Cats and dogs always find their favorite spot for naptime–often it’s the rays of sunshine that lull them to sleep. Don’t take that comfort away from them. “Pet Mode” will keep that one spot filled with light, without taking away the atmosphere of the rest of the rooms.


Be Honest–Who’s Your Favorite?

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant…? Go ahead…you know you have a favorite. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we are relying on our smart home devices more than ever. And, when you’re thinking of adding smart home tech, there’s one question you always have to ask: Is it compatible? 

use smart home settings on your favorite device to adjust your motorized shades in houston TX
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

With our automated window treatments, the answer is YES. Whichever smart home system you love–and already use–integration happens seamlessly with our smart shades. Your favorite smart device to make adjustments? No matter the brand of your phone or tablet, adjustments are easy with the PowerView® app.


Not Just Motorized: Smart Home Ready

Because our lives have shifted dramatically, so must our homes. Once a backdrop, automated shades are becoming a key element in creating the right atmosphere in our homes–continually changing to deliver exactly what we need. Are you ready to enhance your home with these–and many other–favorite features? Our team, at Creative Blinds, can help you set up your home for success. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.