The Woven Look of Bamboo Shades 

If you’d like to achieve an earthy, organic look for your home, look no further. Woven window coverings are the perfect addition. Bamboo Shades, along with woven woods and woven shades, provide texture, detailed design elements & warmth to any space. Each treatment is a unique weave of natural fibers bringing visual interest to the windows of your home. Our Provenance Woven Woods collection is simply art at the window. Let’s explore.

Trending & Timeless

All homeowners want to make their house a home, fresh styles and trending decor can help. This is why bamboo shades are gaining attention. Clients are discovering the impact woven designs can have on the overall atmosphere of their homes. Woven shades have been around for years…what’s new are the styles and operating systems they offer. 

woven woods collection in houston tx
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, Collection: Antigua, Color: Stingray

The evolution of woven shades tells an interesting story. Previously referred to as “matchstick blinds,” bamboo shades continue to hold a top position in today’s design world. Refreshed colors, gorgeous fabrics and organic materials have made woven shades trending AND timeless. And while bamboo shades are typically considered part of the roman shade category, we also offer our collection of Alustra Woven Textures shades, which are available in both roman and roller shade styles. 

Woven Uniquely

No woven shade is quite like the other. These window treatments are crafted using natural fibers, such as reeds, grasses, woods and bamboo, all resulting in unique patterns. They bring warmth and dimension to your space. Also available in a selection of color-ways to choose from, a one-of-a-kind look can be yours.

swatches for woven woods in houston tx
Samples from 4 collections of Bamboo Shades: Calliope, Minerals, Tahiti & Nottingham

Solutions: Light Filtering, Room Darkening & Energy Efficient

In addition, another nice thing about bamboo shades is that they provide solutions. Homeowners can customize their capability with liners. Choose an opacity from light filtering to room darkening. The liner can work independently as a secondary shade, (see the Duolite® dual shades option for energy efficiency) or be attached to the back of the shade. Problem solved.

light colored roman woven wood shade in houston tx
Even with a light-colored shade, the attached liner can block in-coming light


Remove the Hassle with Motorized Shades

Automation has made its way into homes across the country–including motorized shades. There are times when you need a quick and easy shift in your home’s atmosphere. With automation, it happens effortlessly with the touch of a button or voice command. Remove the hassle, and schedule your shades to allow morning sunlight at breakfast and privacy at night. A truly custom experience brought to you by motorized shades.

mororized shades with liner in houston
Provenance® Woven Woods


Favorite Features of Bamboo Shades?

All in all, bamboo shades allow homeowners to get creative. There are a number of features these treatments offer. First, you can cover windows and doors with the same materials. We can accommodate both vertical and horizontal orientation. The options are endless with a wide variety of choices and custom fits for specialty windows including bay and angled windows. 

top down woven wood shades in master bedroom
Provenance® Woven Woods with Top Down

One of our most popular options across product lines is the top down bottom up feature! Keep the bottom of your window covered while enjoying the sunlight and views from the top. This incredible feature can be found in woven woods, too!

Ready to Get the Look?

Find your groove with the perfect bamboo shades for your home. Remember woven shades are trending AND timeless. They have earned their place in your home. We have a variety of collections and colors that are sure to add dimension to your space. Our specialists can visit your home with samples so you can look, feel and see how these woven shades interact with the light coming through the windows in your home. Think you’ll need a liner? Maybe some motorization? We can help. Get in touch with us today for a FREE in-home consultation.