5 Steps to an Organized Home

This is the year we stick to our New Year’s resolution, right? If an organized home is your personal challege, these 5 steps will assure you succeed. Begin with this simple list and modify it to your situation. These general guidelines will get you off to a great start!

An Organized Home: 5 Simple Steps

#1 Remove everything from the space. We mean Everything.
#2 Put aside any guilty feelings about throwing things away. Anything expired or not working should go, donate the rest.
#3 Organize items into groups. Have one group for things that don’t belong.
#4 As you sort, use baskets or containers to keep similar items together.
#5 Don’t get overwhelmed. Do ONE closet/room/area at a time.

Now it’s time to put these action steps in motion for your organized home…

Tackle the Closets

We’ve put it off for years and now it’s time. Open the closet door and let all the skeletons out! By skeletons we mean all the STUFF you’ve hidden in there for months, years, or dare I say, decades? Emptying your closets is a great step toward an organized home. Now, sort, pare down, group and donate items. The key to success is adding back only what’s necessary.

Clear the Exits

The “entryway”, in this scenario, isn’t where you greet guests. No, that space is usually clear and tidy. Today, we’re talking about the major highway your family uses to get in and out of the house. You know the one, the “drop zone”, the spot where everything from backpacks to sports equipment to dog leashes take up permanent residence. We believe this area can be kept tidy too.

This year, institute the “everything in its place” rule. This entryway is a spot for items used daily, coats, shoes, hats, backpacks, sunglasses etc. Anything else, bye-bye. If you lack space, purchase baskets and group things together, install hooks and utilize vertical space too. Removing unnecessary items from this space will also free up some room.

The Toy Room

This is a tough one, but understand, the mess won’t last forever-even if it feels that way. The rules for an organized home above can help a bit, but for this specific situation, we’ve added one more. If you’re tired of picking up the same thing day after day, make it disappear. Either donate it, send it to Grandma’s or hide it away for a while. Most kids won’t even notice the toy set is gone and when it returns they’ll be excited about it again!

Need More Energy?

To complete this project you’ll need energy and stamina. Achieving an organized home is a daily process and we’ve found that increased productivity is necessary to keep on top of things. Did you know that light can directly affect our moods and energy levels? Controlling the light in your home is key to productivity. The right window coverings can allow natural light in and also filter harsh sunlight that may be causing you fatigue. This is real science.

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Even dark spaces can benefit from window treatments that specialize in bringing light into your home. Our specialists are here to help you with any questions you may have. We offer solutions for privacy, lighting and energy efficiency. Once your organized home is complete, consider window coverings to help keep you alert and motivated and continue your organized home journey. Get in touch with us for your FREE in-home consultation.