It’s Time for a Spring Refresh!

We love springtime in Houston. And, while the latest weather has left us wondering if we’re still in Texas, spring is on the way! Just think, before too long, you’ll start to see colors coming to life. The wildflowers are enough to make you burst–bluebonnets will begin blooming soon enough. After the chill this February has brought, are you ready for a spring refresh? From the latest colors, to favorite textures, fabrics are a great way to refresh the look of your home. What else? Patterns have emerged as just another way to personalize your space and make the most of your home…


Choose Spring Colors for a Spring Refresh.

One way to create a fresh feeling in your home is with the colors of the season. Spring is known for the beauty of pastels and soft hues, as the world around us begins to blossom. Fabrics are a great way to bring color and personality to your home. 

pink draperies with patterned white and pink fabric shades in bedroom in houston TX
Design Studio® Window Treatments

A spring refresh is also a good time to try out a new design trend you’ve had your eye on! We love the way gold hardware and accents are capable of softening the look of a room, seen here with these gold drapery rods. Have you noticed a design trend you think you’d like? Be bold and try it out this year!


Personalize with Your Favorite Patterns.

When it comes to fabrics, layering is an ideal way to liven up a space. Patterned fabrics pair well with solids, but to really customize your home, try mixing patterns! Do you find yourself intimidated by choosing the right mix? We’re sharing our secrets with you!

fabric roller shades from custom fabrics in Magnolia TX bedroom
Design Studio® Roller Shades
  • Choose the color story. Your theme should have no more than three colors. In the picture above, you see blue, peach and white. Each pattern in this scene is made with a combination of those three colors and no more.
  • Vary the hue. Once colors have been chosen, you can see a range, from light to dark. Varying hues are a great way to mix up the style while staying within the theme.
  • Change the scale. Another element that allows you to successfully mix patterns is the size of the patterns. While the roller shade fabric showcases small, intricate designs, the pillows feature larger scale stripes and diamonds.
  • Mix the shapes. Stay within the color theme you’ve chosen. The patterns can vary, from uniform stripes, to elegant damask–or so much more! 


Create Style with Textures.

Springtime is a great reminder that the textures found in nature are an ideal style element. They bring calm, peaceful vibes to a space. If you’re wanting to add elements of nature to your home for your spring refresh, consider the window treatments a great place to start. 

white woven wood shades with white modern vase in houston TX
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

We love the woven woods collection of window coverings. Made with an assortment of reeds, grasses, bamboo and wood, they filter the light and offer a beautiful backdrop in your home. Spring also reminds us that summer is on the way. Take control of the light with window treatments! Enjoy privacy and light control with a beautiful backdrop in your home.


Let’s Get Started!

At Creative Blinds, our team is ready to help you begin the spring refresh you’ve been dreaming of in your Houston area home. Make this spring the best one yet! Choose style, solutions and the benefits you need. Get started with a free design consultation. Contact us today!