Room Darkening Details for Home Happiness

The right atmosphere makes all the difference between being happy or discontent in your home. If unwanted light entering your space is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep or enjoying your favorite movie, you will not be happy in your habitat. Knowing more about room darkening details will help you figure out how to more fully enjoy your environment. For a quick overview of features and products see our Room Darkening Solutions page. Read on to explore more ideas in detail…

Besides Bedrooms

Bedrooms aren’t the only spaces in our homes that benefit from room darkening products. While controlling light in the bedroom is important, do not forget these rooms:

  • Home Offices
  • Media Rooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Any room facing south or west
piroutte blackout shades in media room in Houston
Pirouette® Shades


Soft Treatment Ideas

The level of darkness your room requires will depend upon how and when you use the room. For fabrics to provide a sufficient level of darkness, they must be opaque or lined so light doesn’t filter through them.

living room Cadence vertical blinds room darkening details Houston, TX
Cadence® Vertical Blinds


Hard Treatment Options

While Plantation Shutters block out light, they may allow a small amount of light to peak through the closed slats. The level of light can be controlled by the tilt choice selected. A hidden tilt, as pictured below, allows a glow of light to show through in minimal amounts.

living room newstyle hybrid white shutters bedroom darkening solution
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters


Light Gap Solutions

When it is important that the room be completely darkened, “Light Gaps”, also known as “Side Gaps” need to be addressed. These gaps are when light enters between the closed shade and the window frame. Adding side draperies is one way to block this type of light from entering.

bedroom designer roller shades In Houston
Designer Roller Shades

If true “blackout” is desired, consider window treatments that trap the edges of the shades in a channel to prevent the light from entering. LightLock™ is a more recent innovation that is available in the Duette Shades collection, as pictured below.

blackout shades with Hunter Douglas lightlock window covering innovations Houston TX
Duette® Shades with LightLock™


Let There be Light and Darkness

If your space needs to be dark sometimes but not all the time, explore dual shades.  These shades are the best of both worlds allowing your space to experience a range of light control.

dual shades for light filtering and room darkening Houston TX
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Dual shades are really two shades in one. When you want darkness, both shades are lowered in place. When you desire more light, the secondary shade can be rolled up to allow light to filter in through the primary shade.

Selecting your Room Darkening Details

Being able to control the light in our spaces is so important. Sometimes we need to not only control the light entering a room but to completely block it! If you are considering room darkening solutions, our team at Creative Blinds can help! Contact us for your FREE consultation.