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Looking for unique motorized shades in Houston that are customized to your specific needs and style? Creative Blinds was founded more than 40 years ago, and since then we have been committed to providing the Houston area with the newest trends in window treatments. Revolutionary ideas like motorized window shades are no different, and now, thanks to the PowerView Motorization system from Hunter Douglas, your home can benefit from the power of automation. This innovative system allows you to automatically open and your close your shades, wherever you are.

Easy to set up and even easier to use, the PowerView Motorization system will allow you to control the ambiance of the room with just a touch of a button. Completely wireless, you’ll now have complete control of the lighting in your room, including the ability to schedule shade settings and set the scene of a room to capture your preferred lighting setting every time.

Modernize your Hunter Douglas window shades today with the help of the PowerView Motorization system from Creative Blinds. Our window treatment experts will be happy to help answer any questions you have about motorized shades and how they can help enhance your home.

Automated Blind Benefits

From smart TVs, to voice-activated washing machines, innovative technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. As innovation continues what used to seem like the cutting edge of tech has become antiquated and stale. For example, motorized blinds and window treatments have been available for decades. However, in recent years motorized blinds and shades have become more easily integrated into full smart home solutions. These motorized cordless blinds coordinate with other home systems so you can synchronize them to open and close with the lights in your home, or the sun.

Motorized Shades Are Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of Hunter Douglas motorized shades is the convenience. You no longer have to travel from room to room to open and close each individual blind. They can be set on a timer or to adjust with the level of light outside. Tall Windows in your home? That is no longer a problem either. You won’t have to stand on a step stool, ladder, or sofa to adjust them. This system takes care of all the hard work for you, just find your preferred settings and forget about it.

Help You Save Energy

Motorized shades are not only convenient, they also help reduce energy consumption, so you can feel good about helping the environment and saving money at the same time. If you are not at home you can keep hot or cool air in by automatically raising or lowering your blinds at specific times of the day to take advantage of natural temperatures.

Provide Safety and Security

Motorized Blinds can even make for a safer home or office. The absence of cords makes accidents at the hands of curious children and hyperactive pets almost nonexistent. And that’s not all, you’ll no longer have to keep your blinds shut to ward off potential burglars. Because the shades can be adjusted on a timer, or from your smart device, you can make anyone watching your home feel as though someone is always there.

Motorized Window Treatments Are Stylish

Many designers are gravitating toward stylish motorized shades rather than traditional window treatments. Without the cord, these window treatments look more modern and create a high-end style. Not only can the shades repel dust they also come in a multitude of colors, fabrics, textures, that help enhance the ambiance of any room in your home.

Don’t stop there, continue reading to learn more about the PowerView® motorized system.

PowerView® Blind Features

Shades controlled by an app

The system is wireless so once you set up all the working parts, all you have to do is download the PowerView® app and you will have the capability of controlling your window blinds from anywhere with your fingertips. You can create custom positions that can be automated to move into different positions throughout the day, or you can manually control them.

Blinds operate on a schedule

The automation system settings is the feature that allows you to operate your shades and gives you the ability to schedule them with sunrise deepening on your time zone. You could have them open 15 minutes before sunrise and close 15 minutes before sunset. You can also set them to open half way at sunrise, and open fully around noon, and shut when the sun goes down.

Innovative In Home Pebble Controlled Shades

While in your home you have the ability to put away the smart devices and control your window treatments with the pebble control. This modernized remote gives you the ability to preset and operate six different window treatments at one time. The remote also comes in ten different colors to match the décor of your system. These controls can be preprogrammed and attached to the wall for convenience.

Connect Your Motorized Shades to your automated Smart Home System

The PowerView® Motorized window system can connect to all of the following smart home automation systems and more.

* Amazon Alexa

* Nest

* Google Assistant

* Logitech

* Elan

* Creston

Installing Automated Window Shades

Set up and installation difficulty will vary from your level of experience and also product type. If you’re considering setting up and installing your new motorized blinds and shades on your own, each product comes with setup instructions to help ease you through the process. If you have missed placed your instructions click to see the PowerView®motorized shade manual online

If you're interested in modernizing your home with Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorized Shades, click to get a quote! Our window treatment experts will be happy to help answer any questions you have about motorized window shades.

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