Getting to Know Smart Blinds

The home design world is moving fast, don’t be left behind. Start with the latest innovations in window treatments, Smart Blinds. These and other automated coverings are the most talked about products on the market right now. Homeowners want convenience, technology and high-end style. Today, Creative Blinds shares some answers to popular questions about bringing the newest product to your home. 

Can All Window Coverings Be Automated?

The quick answer is yes, automation can be added to all categories of window coverings. You can have shades, blinds, draperies or even shutters designed the “smart way”. But don’t let the terminology confuse you, there are many ways that window treatments professionals refer to these products; from motorized drapes and smart shades to remote control blinds and window covering automation–you’re in the right place. 

bathroom with interior shutters that close with motorized control in Baybrook TX
Palm Beach™ Motorized Shutters with Split Tilt


Can you Descibe the Differences?

We added a great article recently to our website to help our clients better understand the differences between all versions of automated treatments. Although remote control blinds, automated shutters and smart shades all operate using a motor and cannot be manually adjusted, each product has its own capabilities and features. Where they differ most is the individual control mechanism. Some motorized shades use a simple push button for instant adjustments, others respond by voice command and many can be scheduled and set on a schedule through an app. It’s all up to your lifestyle and comfort level. We can help you decide. 

 How does the App Work?

Hunter Douglas has really dug into the automated shades space. PowerView Automated shades have an incredibly high rating due to their user-friendly system set up. They continually update their app for the best user experience. You’ll be able to access all your window shade features in a simple and effective way. Watch this:


Do They Plug In?

There are two ways to supply power to automated window coverings. One, by hardwiring them into your power source and two, batteries. If you have a home under construction, hardwiring can be completed with low voltage wiring for efficiency. If not, batteries work, too.


What about Those Battery Powered Shades?

Most clients are adding automated shades to the home they already live in, and they choose the ease of batteries. Remote control blinds use very little power. You can expect to change the batteries every year or two if you adjust your shades every day. In addition, Hunter Douglas offers a more sustainable choice in the form of a rechargeable battery wand made to fit with the headrail of motorized shades. No need for disposable batteries. 

charging station for motorized shades rechargeable batteries Houston TX
Pirouette® Shades | PowerView® Rechargeable Battery


How Long Can Motorized Shades Expect to Last?

Motorized shades and blinds tend to stay in pristine condition because they aren’t handled as often as manual shades. There’s no muss, no fuss. 

Are Remote Control Blinds Loud?

Some describe their sound as “whisper quiet”. Expect to hear a low humming sound when you adjust your smart shades but nothing more. 

 How Much Do Motorized Shades Cost?

This is a popular question and an important one when you consider which operating features of motorized shades are best for you. Investing in your home is smart, but it can be costly. It’s wise to do your research and budget for each project so there are no surprises. Window Treatments with brand recognition like Hunter Douglas will increase the value of your home if you decide to sell–more so if they are automated. Consider these factors that contribute to the cost of automates shades when choosing: 

  • The number of windows you’ll be covering
  • Which type of automation (individual window/wand, remote control, smart home integration)
  • The type of window shades you choose
  • Added features (top down, dual shades)

Depending on the brand you choose, you may need additional components for smart home integration. Hunter Douglas has worked hard to ensure their automated shades are compatible with the most common smart home systems, like Control4, Elan, Logitech and more. Enjoy simple control with Alexa and Siri.


ipad to control smart blinds Houston TX
Everwood® Alternative Blinds adjusted with iPad control

The “Hidden Savings” of Smart Blinds.

When discussing the cost of motorized shades with Creative Blinds clients, we always share that savings are a valid consideration. We find clients who do choose automation wish they did it sooner. Here’s why automated shades are a great choice:

  • How simple it is to bring in natural light instead of using overhead lights
  • The increased security felt at night, or on vacation with automatic adjustments
  • Easy to maintain interior temperatures with scheduled or instant adjustments
  • Time saved adjusting multiple windows
  • Hard-to-reach window shade adjustments are a breeze
living room black trim windows with smart blinds in houston
Duette® Homeycomb Shades with PowerView® Automation

The Most Important Considerations?

Access to remote control blinds is not unique to Create Blinds, you can get smart shades anywhere. But with an investment like this, do your homework. Make sure you choose a brand you know and a company you can trust. Our team has been in the automated window covering business for a long time, we will never sell you a product that doesn’t make sense in your home. We also offer the knowledge and support you may need. After all, any new technology for your home comes with a bit of getting used to. Allow us to be part of your smart home project, we can help you prioritize your wants and needs and help you choose the products that work for you and keep you on budget. Get started with a Free consultation today.