Is Virtual the New Future for Window Coverings?

The short answer is no. However, the silver lining is that our business will forever be better due to our pivot during COVID and how we were forced to operate more creatively.

This Challenging Time

The past six weeks have been, well, more than interesting.  We’ve felt the shock that is shared by all, we’ve pouted, we’ve felt frustration beyond belief, we’ve fumbled on Zoom calls, we’ve laughed at each and ourselves, and ultimately, we’ve gotten creative and launched to a new level as a  Sales & Design Team.  We’re no different than any other business during this time that was motivated to circumvent this challenge.  We wanted to come out a better, stronger and more capable organization, and we are on an upward path to emerge from this pandemic with new processes, technology, vision and inspiration.

zoom call for virtual design consultation about window coverings in Houston TX

Is Virtual the New Normal?

We wondered if virtual was the new normal for us at times, as we made it work, and people were receptive to it.  The reality? Virtual will never replace the live interaction we have with clients.  People wish to see, touch and feel.  We’re social creatures that want to get out of the house, be inspired by new ideas in a live environment, and ultimately, connect in person.  We were a bit relieved to learn this, as our business is predicated on this idea, but we were more than willing to make the shift if needed.

window covering designer masked up for design appointment in Houston TX

What we learned was that the shift was necessary to address the current time period AND to make our design team more efficient in using technology to aid the consultation process.  Ultimately, virtual is not a replacement for the 1:1 interaction that has put us at the forefront of window design & client experience.  At the end of the day (whenever that is), we’ll all be happy to get back to our Showrooms, as will our clients.