Which of These Fabrics Speak to You?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nowhere is that more true than in your own home when it comes to the fabrics you choose. We’ve chosen them by color family, in varying textures, for you to consider. Which of these fabrics speak to you?

Earth Tones

When it comes to creating an earthy, organic vibe in your home, window treatments are the ideal addition. Do you want them to lie flat, or add dimension with folds? Do either of these fabrics suit your style?

woven textures roller shades in earth tones in Houston TX
Alustra® Woven Textures®, Entwine Collection in “Branch”


layers of fabrics for roman shades in Memorial TX
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Twain Collection in Titanium


Cool & Calm

A pale palette in home decor invites an open, airy atmosphere. With a wide variety of whites, from crisp to snowy, textures show up with subtle sophistication. These fabrics offer contemporary design with a neutral background.

white woven shades in living room in Friendswood TX
Provenance® Woven Woods, Maritime Collection in Alabaster


white textured roller shades in Baybrook TX
Alustra® Woven Textures®, Cirque Collection in “Beach”


Dark Hues

Dark colors are statement-making. These fabrics often celebrate contrast and enhance the look of your home with heightened design.

dark fabrics for woven wood shades in the woodlands, TX
Provenance® Woven Woods, Telluride Collection in “Lead Mine”


close up of dark fabric honeycomb shades in Houston TX
Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Elan Collection in “Black Onyx”


Chic Grays

Gray is an ideal choice when you love the look of neutrals, but you want the fabrics to offer a layer of quiet dimension.

metallic window shades in soft gray
Pirouette® Shades, Satin Collection in “Stainless”


medium gray roman shades paired with white furniture in West U TX
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Pampa Collection in “Chia”


Pretty Patterns

Patterned fabrics are just another way to highlight the unique design of your home. You should surround yourself with what you love. When the fabrics are eye-catching and beautiful, you’ll know you’ve chosen well.

blue striped drapery panels with white fabric roman shades in Houston living room
Design Studio™ Drapery Panels, Stafford Collection in Liberty & Design Studio™ Roman Shades, Spencer Collection in Pebble


rose colored drapes with patterned fabric roman shades in Baybrook TX
Design Studio™ Drapery Panels, Berkshire Collection in Glamour & Design Studio™ Roman Shades, Colette Collection in Romance


Which of These Fabrics Do You Love?

Fabrics can say it all, or stay quiet and let the other decor do the talking. They can be sleek, flowing or neatly folded. The best part is that you get to choose! The look, the feel and the overall results should speak to you. Let’s sit down together to pick out the ones you love the most. We have plenty more to show you! Contact our team for a FREE consultation.