A Fresh Look: Top 5 Home Styles

There are many ways to design the interior of your home and styles are always evolving; it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with what’s “in,” and what’s not. Today, we’ll share 5 interior design styles that are topping the charts. Let’s introduce some new ideas and see how other homeowners are styling their homes. 

Wabi Sabi

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents. The new design style, Wabi Sabi, brings character, comfort and warmth to a space through imperfection.

distressed as a design style for your home

A variety of textiles mark this design statement with weathered wood, distressed fabrics and muted coloring. Warm neutrals and a monochromatic color scheme allow for these imperfections to shine through. You’ll love this aesthetic if you find beauty in rustic or vintage finds. Homes that feature Wabi Sabi are warm and welcoming and donned with character building accents. Pro Tip: By adding live plants for splashes of color, you can personalize this space with bohemian charm. Boho didn’t make our top 5 interior design styles list this time, but Wabi Sabi gives off the same natural vibe…

The Mid-Century Modern Standard

Vibrant colors, clean lines and creative shapes bring art into the home.

Mid-Century Modern’s retro-vibe has become widely popular again. New homeowners have revived the style from its well-known origin in the 1960s and 70s. The renewed love of wall paneling and cabinetry through the home allows for brilliant and bold color-ways to draw the eye. In this design, ceilings are often sloped or crafted with beams–wall cutouts complement mid-century modern style as well. While you explore the 5 most influential home decor styles, pay close attention to geometric shapes commonly featured. These architectural gems may be found within the home’s original construction or manufactured using patterned wallpaper or window treatment fabrics. What’s more is the Mid-Century Modern taste can easily transition to Maximalist with the addition of eclectic pieces and a blanket of color. 

Coastal Dream

If your life’s goal is to live by the ocean, you’re not alone. But there’s only so much coastline to go around. 

coastal design for your houston home

To give your home the vibe of an oceanside cottage, choose a color palette of blues and whites. For decorating, think natural items found on the coast, like driftwood, beach glass, grasses and woods. As for furnishings, pieces should be upholstered, comfortable and in complementary colors. Oversized sofas and chairs are found frequently in coastal-style homes as well as summer linen fabrics. These choices bring an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. What else could you ask for? 


For a clean minimalistic look, combine Japanese interiors with Scandinavian functionality.

japandi design for new design styles to try in houston

An exquisite marriage of two cultures, marked by simplistic design, is the essence of Japandi. The Scandinavian influence leans toward simple furnishings, white walls and clean surfaces, while a Japanese home is succinct, zen-inspired, with blues and greens, paired with neutrals. Natural materials are found within this design combination. 

Modern Farmhouse

A fresh look and perfect balance for your modern home. Whites and woods look incredible together with rustic touches and clean lines.

modern farmhouse in houston

This inviting style pairs wooden decor, distressed edging and a range of wall features like shiplap and board & batten. Modern Farmhouse uses burlap and canvas–these heavy fabrics give a natural feel and call out to farm-inspired items. Galvanized decor is used often, showcasing the rustic touches associated with farm finds and vintage pieces. The distressed look of chipping paint brings a pop of soft colors into the space. Consider all-white interiors and wood flooring, to accent with pastels.

Window Treatments Enhance Interior Design Styles

Now that you have your home decor style chosen, it is time to accent your space with beautiful and functional window coverings. That’s where we come in. Our design consultants can give you suggestions on products and features that will work best in your home. 

duette honeycomb in houston home adds to design style
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

By highlighting these interior design styles we hope you’re able to visualize a direction for your home home decor style. Get your free in-home appointment scheduled and be on your way to adding window coverings to your newly styled home. Get in touch with our specialists today!