Paradise in Houston

  • 29 foot tall draperies on floor to ceiling windows in paradise in houston home
  • floor to ceiling windows with brown ripplefold draperies memorial TX
  • 29 foot ceilings with roller shades on windows magnolia TX
  • custom pool for paradise in houston home

This client’s multi-generational and extra large family built their dream home in Houston. The home features 29 foot ceilings, offering stunning design. As a way to soften the room and bring it all together, the client chose fabric draperies–a beautiful choice that highlighted this custom space.

An install of draperies that high is a challenge from multiple perspectives! From the workmanship on the whopping 348 inches of drapery fabric, to the equipment and the right installation team who was willing to venture that high up, this project came together with amazing results.

The client, the designer and the Creative Blinds team collaborated on a beautiful and layered shade + drapery vision. The vision included slick motorized roller shades on multiple rows of windows with floor to ceiling luxurious, modern, ripplefold draperies to finish off the look. We are so thrilled to have been a part of creating “Paradise in Houston” for this local family.

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