Nighttime Privacy Solutions

Nighttime arrives quickly these days, and by dinnertime all the lights are on, and your home resembles Time’s Square. Without a plan for window coverings, your whole life could be on display. How can you solve nighttime privacy issues? With the best window coverage features available, that’s how! Let’s get started…

Put the Top Down

First, our top down bottom up feature is a favorite when you need nighttime privacy + light entering during the day. This ideal combination allows both light and outdoor views to remain un-compromised, while still securing your privacy at the window. 

bedroom with faux brick wall and windows with top down bottom up woven shades
Provenance® Woven Woods


Try Dual Shades 

What’s better than one shade? Two! The dual shade feature allows you to experience filtered light during the day and nighttime privacy. Just drop the secondary shade into place when darkness falls for added protection. No more views into your home. It’s a product you’ve always needed, but never knew existed-until now!

room darkening shades chair with lamp turned on pointed at it
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Illuminate Your Interiors

Let’s face it, lowering shades when it’s dark outside makes your home overly dark. Nighttime privacy is important especially when the sun goes down way before bedtime. Our newest feature, Aura Illuminated Shades allows you to live life comfortably, despite what’s happening outside. These shades brighten your interiors with LED light strips attached inside the top of the shade. Moreover, you can adjust the light temperature (color) from warm and cozy to cool and productive. It’s an amazing way to mimic daylight any time of the year and protect your nighttime privacy. 

a highrise apartment dining room space with large window shades by hunter douglas
Sonnette® Powerview® Shades

Smart Home Features

How has technology touched your life? Let us count the ways. First, it’s made life more convenient–that’s for sure. But have you added it to your window coverings yet? Smart shades will improve your life by adjusting on a schedule, or with a simple tap. Better yet, to protect nighttime privacy, use voice command to close the shades when you enter a room. Smart shades are one of our most popular products today, and you can see why.  

pirouette blackout shades in media room in Houston
Pirouette® Window Shades

The Best Features for Nighttime Privacy

Your current window treatments surely increase nighttime privacy, but are they improving the atmosphere as well? We have products that can change the way you live in your home. Take back all the square footage in your home by installing window shades that provide the privacy and lighting solutions you need. Our team at Creative Blinds can help complete your home. Get in touch for your FREE consultation