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Commercial Blinds, Shades, and Window Treatments

It’s no secret that commercial blinds and shades will drastically improve the look and feel of your business. That’s why Creative Blinds is here to help you research all of your options before buying new window treatments. With our help, you can bypass the multiple obstacles that property owners need to consider prior to having new window covers installed. Selecting blinds with the perfect look and feel to suit your business is the fun part (which we’ll get to) but some of the other details you’ll need to take into account are surprisingly complicated. Continue reading to learn more about what to look at before installing commercial shades.

Keep in mind that Creative Blinds has been serving businesses across Greater Houston for over 40 years. With Creative Design Centers conveniently located in Houston, Friendswood, and Magnolia, we have every area covered. In addition to making commercial blind installation available everywhere from Richmond to Spring to Galveston, we will also provide an on-site consultation directly at your commercial property, anywhere within our expansive service area. Continue reading to learn the benefits you will gain from installing window treatments on your commercial property

Benefits of Commercial Blinds

The right blinds, shutters, or shades will immediately save your company money, make your space more comfortable, and establish exactly the look and feel you want for your business. These benefits can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Commercial shades are able to provide a darkening effect which aesthetically creates a sense of privacy and protection.
  • The right blinds and shade fabric helps healthcare facilities meet the most rigid industry standards.
  • Commercial blinds can be fire-resistant and contain antimicrobial fiber.
  • Schools enjoy durable, glare-controlling, and easy-to-clean material that’s hard to damage.
  • Cordless features create added safety benefits as well.
  • Solar shades improve a building’s energy imprint, making them more energy-efficient.
  • Expert blind installation easily makes any facility look more modern and attractive.
  • Shades and blinds create the perfect ambiance for 5-star dining
  • Window treatments significantly help protect merchandise and materials from the sun’s rays, reducing the depreciation of expensive equipment.
  • Save Money on Electric Bills with Our Energy-Efficient Blinds and Shades.

Like any good business owner, there’s a strong chance you’re always searching for new ways to save money on your electric bills. The installation of energy-efficient blinds and shades from Creative Blinds is one of your top available solutions. With our help, you’ll be able to properly analyze the amount of light you would like your new blinds to control, reducing how much heat is allowed into your building.

This is essential for controlling energy bills during hot Houston summers, as well as protecting your climate-sensitive inventory. Combined, these benefits create a better environment for employees and customers alike, ultimately improving performance, productivity, and quality of life. Ready to benefit from commercial blinds? Give us a call! If you need more information, consider some of the following things before you start the process.

Call (713) 493-7386 Today!
Ask for a commercial window treatment specialist.

Things to Consider Before Installing Commercial Window Shades

Many business owners and commercial property managers come to us frustrated with how many unforeseen factors went unrecognized before they shelled out cash on their commercial window shades. The shape of the windows themselves can be a serious concern. Certain building windows may be awkward in design, sometimes too tall or too wide, requiring customization in order to fit those specific parameters. Often, oversized or oddly shaped windows can be more expensive to cover. Luckily, the expert installers at Creative Blinds will follow through on a stellar quote that won’t drain your budget.

Something else to contemplate before beginning a window treatment project is the type of material that works best in your facility. To give you an example, if machining is your industry, then blinds which are extra durable and easy to clean are going to work better. It’s also wise to acknowledge the core demographic of people entering your complex. For instance, schools and hospitals usually favor window shades without cords.

Commercial Blind Installation: How to Comply with Building Codes

When installing commercial window blinds, the first issue to deal with is the strict building codes. These include—but are not limited to—fire protection necessities. For example, the NFPA 701 fire retardant, ANSI, and LEED standard codes will all need to be followed. One of the major advantages of utilizing Creative Blinds is knowing that we only utilize fully compliant contractors who are up-to-date with all building codes for commercial window blinds. We understand the difficulties of every industry and know how to navigate restrictions, providing nothing but the best solutions to get the job done right. Now that you have all of the information, and know you want to purchase new shades for your office, take a look at the products that work best for commercial use.

The Best Window Shades for Commercial Buildings

Top-notch solar shades from Creative Blinds might very well be the ideal window treatment for your business. Solid materials and the ability to self-clean are both huge advantages, making sun-powered shades a new trend for business applications. With texture alternatives ranging from PVC-free to sun-oriented, solar shades offer the perfect measure of glare and warmth protection. Despite how sturdy solar shades are, they’re still amazingly simple to adjust.

Additionally, solar based shades offer an abnormal state of vitality and effectiveness. In other words, solar shades always meet—and often surpass—industry regulations and standards. These high-quality shades also incorporate best-in-class mechanization to continue saving your business money. If you’re serious about investing in commercial blinds, then solar blinds and shades are options that should be explored.

Smart business leaders know that investing in quality up-front means saving money in the long run. For this reason, solar based shades are extremely cost-effective. If your budget is too small to select the solar option up front, but you want a stylish look, aluminum is a viable choice.

Our aluminum windows are extremely modern yet also easy to clean. For example, the MagnaView shades we stock come in various styles and sizes, also using wider space to help improve the amount of light that shines through when opened. In addition to being lightweight and dust-resistant, these aluminum blinds are customizable and readily available in a variety of elegant colors.

Blinds That Match Your Business and Your Budget

At Creative Blinds, our forte is covering windows with the most beautiful, practical designs imaginable, matching both your business and your budget. Companies taking the DIY route find it to be a painful undertaking, typically producing poor results while sometimes costing even more than it would have had they hired a professional company to handle it from the start.

With the money saved on labor, maintenance, and energy bills in the long run, the cost of expert commercial window installation is a wise investment. Additionally, the enhanced aesthetic of your property could easily translate to increased sales and a higher quality of life for customers, patients, tenants, and anyone else utilizing the space.

When considering new window shades or blinds in Houston, Texas, don’t just rush out and start the project. Talk to professionals like Creative Blinds. Get a free, on-site consultation, and make sure every business goal and facility requirement is taken into consideration. Done right, investing in new blinds makes for a great addition to any office, school, hospital, restaurant, or storefront—you name it, any commercial building!

For proper installation and the absolute best results, click or call Creative Blinds for a commercial blinds, shade, and window treatment quote!

Ask for a commercial window treatment specialist.
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